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Saint Gabriel Youth Community

As a student who wants to complement the capability of learning and teaching in all fields, I did volunteer to improve skill and abilities as well as a requirement to supplement my education phase. Therefore, in this report I will describe about the voluntary activities as a Chairman of Youth community of the Parish of Saint Gabriel, Jakarta – Indonesia I have ever done.

2.1 The organization
St. Gabriel Catholic Church is set by the Archdiocese of Jakarta on July 23, 1995 as a 51st parish in Jakarta, Indonesia. Through the motto “Gaudium Omnibus”, means enjoyment for people with expect that the occurrence of this parish can provide particularly good news for the people of the community surrounding the church. Historically, the Saint Gabriel church is the chapel of the Parish church of Saint Bonaventure in 1988. At the time, people listed as many as 439 people and parishes along the development process, the presence of people increased to 2811 people. Furthermore, officially Saint Gabriel became a Parish on 23 July 1995 by the Archbishop of Jakarta declaration number 1083/3.25.3/9.
In its organizational structure, there are two types organizational structures, such as:

a. Territorial
which is manageably small area housing a community of some people who registered, who lived, worked and worshipped together, with a church and a school at its center and a minister and a kirk session to attend to both its spiritual and its temporal necessities. The territorial organised by
– Chairman of the parish council,
– Vice chairman of the parish council,
– Parish Council Secretary,
– Treasurer of the parish council,
– Chairman of the parish youth,
– Chairman of the region,
– Chairman of the youth region.

b. Categorical
The religious service activity of Parish community. For instance:
– Bible study community
– Legion of Mary
– Elderly community
The community involved has an organitation structure that collaborates and supports each other.

In this organisation, I have involved as a Chairman of Youth community of the Parish of Saint Gabriel, Jakarta – Indonesia that has some of responsibilities such as:
– Thinking and coordinate youth group activities.
– Pursue funding and facilities to support the smooth coaching and development in the parish and parts of its territory.
– Responsible for the implementation of the youth group in the parishes and regions.
Make an annual accountability report and the incidental and financial performance of duties to the Board of the Parish Pastoral.

2.2 My Involvement
I have involved in this community from 2004 until 2007 (approximately + 10950 hours) as a Chairman of the parish youth. During the involvement, I have learned different experience such as:
– Sport competition organizer (2004)
– Organizer of the 40th days requiem mass of Pope John Paul II (8th may 2005).
– Organizer of the visit to the seminary (2006).
– Bible Camp organizer (2006).
– Journalistic workshop organizer (2007).
– Organizer of the pilgrimage to the cave Maria (2007).
– Bible Study group organizer (2004 – 2007).
– Christmas celebration organizer (2004 – 2007).
– Easter celebration organizer (2004 – 2007).
– Natural Disasters rescue team leader (2004 – 2007).
– Youth & Elderly mass organizer (2004 – 2007)


3.1 Developed an awareness of social justice issues and the economic and social effects of modern life.
The social issues that appear in the society seem to be the problem that no one can live without the others. The problem cannot be solved as the people are living in the varying level of economic and social. Some of them are living in the place, condition and environment that can allow them to do much but some are on the contrasting side. As this control, the involvement in the non-profit organization has allowed people to create fewer limitations between the two categories. Since it is a non-profit organization, the anxiety of being socially and economically stressed can be taken away in order to create a better social life, which stress on the better together.

3.2 Heightened awareness of the responsibility of individuals to the wider community
This volunteer helps me to realize to contribute our time and energy to the society, which are needed my support. Since, I am youthful to have an opportunity to help someone, who is still need my support. It is important to support the other while I can afford to do it.

3.3 Ethical, spiritual, professional and personal development
I might say that learn to share with others from youth in different background after doing this volunteer. The most appropriate regarding this personal reflecting is when I was on public as I am able to respect the others regardless of their background. The reason is because I have realised since I was attending the volunteer, which is involved to the community.

3.4 Business communication skills, information literacy and interpersonal skills
There will be a difference the first time as a volunteer at the church. While serving in this community, I have got many opportunities to interact with others, speak in front of people, and speech. I also get knowledge about the structures and procedures within the organization. Furthermore, I have the ability on how to organize, facilitate, and cooperate with the team.

3.5 Critical and analytical abilities.
These skills I have gained when I was joined with this community in 2004. Moreover, I realize the importance from the social work. Their purpose is to bring back the society for working together. The volunteer in St. Gabriel church served the community with their feeling as a volunteer, as their love their community.

The Volunteering not only helps and benefits one’s community but, in a way, it benefits the volunteers themselves. For instance, I believe volunteering makes a person feel worthy, as if they’ve accomplished something because they made someone else’s life better or they made a change in their community somehow. Volunteering also shows that that person is generous, compassionate, and good-hearted, because he/she is kind enough to give up a few hours of their time and put it into their community. It also serves others without expecting to get anything out of their service. I believe that everyone should give back to their community because volunteering will make your community a more comforting and pleasing place to live in.

“Past” is a bridge for the “Future”

Mate, life is a journey like it or not you have to go through, under any circumstances. There are times when we pause and remember the past. Although many people say to forget the past and look after to the future, you still may be to remember your past. In this case is grateful for the past, not to be sad for a long. Actually, there are many lessons you can take from the past. The past is a measure of your wisdom. If in the past there were many things that make you hurt, accept it as an attempt to mature you, mature mind. There are many parts of the past can you accompanied a thank you. Feeling your past gloomy? It should not. Look at within a scope of the future, there is something that does not exist in the past. In the future, there are many pieces of the past my experience, the experience that I lived with guidance from God. I always tried to face the dark of the past, if I never see the dark, how could I be grateful for the light? When everything seems wrong , and no one wants to reach out. I always stick to one thing, the dream must stay in my hope. Lord, thank you … because now I’ve walked in achieving my dreams. Thank you for the light that you bring in my past, so I’m more grateful for the light that you are giving, I’m grateful for the past that you give, so I know You’re always beside me to guide my steps. Now, I give great hope in my future, something that I did not get in my past . Now, you can commemorate your past as a solid bridge to achieve what you dream of. Always be grateful to the past, because without it, you will not be on an achievement at this time.

The Aboriginal Australia

The Aboriginal Australia

An aborigine is a first inhabitant of a country. it comes from two Latin words ab origine it means from the beginning.  In Australia there is no widely accepted name for aborigines, they are called aboriginals.  There are a lot of traditions, customs, cultures, and special characteristics from aboriginal people.  This essay will describe firstly the aboriginal art, secondly the aboriginal houses and food, as well as a comparison between the aboriginal food and shelter in the past with in the present day, and finally discussion about the problem of health issues of aboriginal people in Australia.

Art was an essential part of aboriginal life which permeated every aspect, both ceremonial and secular.  Roberts (2000) explained, “They are always part of the land and nature as we are. Our connection to all things natural is spiritual” (para.5).  The art was an expression of deeply held religious beliefs the record of gossip and hunting.

Long time ago, body painting used ancestral design was the most important part of a ceremonies.  While, the most commonly used symbol of body painting are relatively simple, aboriginal people used in detail combinations to tell more stories. For example: a single wavy line shows where a river flows, parallel wavy lines symbolise a path, a kind of U-shaped sticks represents a woman, a straight sticks is a man, concentric circles mean there was a campsite or a meeting place, dots show rain or a lots of ants.

Similar like art, the aboriginal people believed that the ancestral providing all the appropriate created the land and necessary resources needed to support them in their semi-nomadic life style.  Hodge (2005) stated,”For Aboriginal people, life is linked to the seasons” (p.8), therefore they were built many different structure suited to their environment.  Definitely, they built a wide variety of shelters that varied with the seasons. For example, Wind Break, usually they use to provide protection from sun during the day.  It is also protection from breezes at night.  These windbreaks were the main form of shelter across the deserts territorities.  Also, they built temporary domed huts with grass roofs when the weather turned wet.  Some times, they can build robust domed houses, made of a hard wooden frame with a turf covering, to keep out the wet and the cold.

For necessity, their people lived by hunting and gathering various wild foods. Hodge (2005) stated,”Tools crafted with heat were invented for hunting” (p.9).  In addition, a man was hunted food by spears, clubs throwing sticks or boomerang, and the women used digging sticks and dishes for gathering food.  Recently non-Aboriginal people too have started to discover these fruits and vegetables.

In the past, the functions of shelter for aboriginal people are fundamentally similar with house after colonisation.  Neverthless, they used different types of material for structure.  Earlier, they using bough and branches for timber frames covered with bark and hides for cladding as a material of shelter.  They also used a stones structures such as a caves and natural shelter.  Whereas, numerous examples of stones structures can be seen in the present day.  Wooden structures are more fragile and survive only in very dry sheltered in land area.

Furthermore, their people lived by hunting and gathering various wild foods before European settlement.  In contrast with the present day, there are any a lot of supermarkets have built for the aboriginal people.

Although, in the present day the aboriginal people have lived in urban areas and they can gather some foods at the supermarkets, Neverthless they have a higher rate of ill health. In the past, the diets were rich in nutrients and low in fat.  Modern urban diets tend to be high in fat and sugar, but low in nutrition. High fat, low fibre diets have been linked to a number of disorders including obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

In conclussion, it is clear that the aboriginal Australia made art with ancestral design, it is also as a symbol that is connected with the spiritual, sorcery, and magic. In addition, it was the important parts of the ceremonies. They also believe the land, house, and food has been created by the ancestral.  Although the houses and food are strikingly differences between before European settlement and in the present day.

Reference List

Robyn H., (2005). Aboriginal Australia (p.8). Carlton, Victoria: Echidna books

Silas R., (2000). Dreaming and the Dreamtime (p.5). Retrieved August 24, 2009, from

My English is not perfect but improving

This experience made me thankful to God that “I could feel to continuing my education in Australia”. I am still remember when i arrived at Australia 20th June 2010, i was a quiet person. It caused of i cannot speak in English. I cannot speak clearly when talking to somebody. but when i learn and practice at Australian Catholic University, my speaking is improving even is not perfect. Also, i was difficult to catch the words when someone talking, i cannot understand what they are talking about. That is one of the reason why i cannot calling my friends who are speak in English, i scared to make a mistake while in conversation. However, while i am living in Sydney and always hear about all in English my listening was improved. Currently, I using my mobile to communicate to my friend from overseas and it is very useful to improving my listening and also last year when i finish first course, i got an opportunity to give some speech from the stage. Finally, my writing was very bad, especially in grammar. However, while i am study in Australian Catholic University then learning about writing in English, my English is improving so that i can make this note.
In this note i just want to say, i know that my English is not perfect but i am improving. Therefore, i would like to give thanks to my family members, teachers, friends, and people who are supporting me. May God bless you all.

“Violence Will Not Lead to Peace and Justice”

200px-bentoxvi-30-100520071 Holy See on Israeli-Gaza Conflict
“Violence Will Not Lead to Peace and Justice”

GENEVA, Switzerland, JAN. 12, 2009 ( – Here is the address Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Holy See’s permanent observer at the U.N. offices in Geneva, delivered last Friday regarding the situation of the conflict in the Gaza Strip.
* * *
Mr. President,
The Delegation of the Holy See would like to express its solidarity with both the people in Gaza, who are dying and suffering because of the ongoing military assault by the Israeli Defense Forces, and the people in Sderot, Ashkelon and other Israeli cities who are living under the constant terror of rocket attacks launched by Palestinian militants from within the Gaza Strip, which have caused casualties and wounded a number of people.
The patriarchs and heads of churches of Jerusalem marked last Sunday as a day of prayer with the intention to put an end to the conflict in Gaza and to restore peace and justice in the Holy Land. It is their conviction that the continuation of bloodshed and violence will not lead to peace and justice but breed more hatred and hostility and thus a continued confrontation between the two peoples. These religious leaders call upon both parties to return to their senses and refrain from all violent acts, which only bring destruction and tragedy. They urge them instead to work to resolve their differences through peaceful and nonviolent means.
The Holy Father, Benedict XVI, underlined last Sunday that the refusal of dialogue between the parties has led to unspeakable suffering for the population in Gaza, victims of hatred and war.
Mr. President, it is evident that the warring parties are not able to exit from this vicious circle of violence without the help of the international community that should therefore fulfill its responsibilities, intervene actively to stop the bloodshed, provide access for emergency humanitarian assistance, and end all forms of confrontation. At the same time, the international community should remain engaged in removing the root causes of the conflict that can only be resolved within the framework of a lasting solution of the greater Israeli-Palestinian conflict, based on the international resolutions adopted during the years.
May I conclude with the words of Pope Benedict XVI pronounced yesterday during the annual meeting with diplomats accredited to the Holy See: “Once again I would repeat that military options are no solution and that violence, wherever it comes from and whatever form it takes, must be firmly condemned. I express my hope that, with the decisive commitment of the international community, the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip will be re-established — an indispensable condition for restoring acceptable living conditions to the population — and that negotiations for peace will resume, with the rejection of hatred, acts of provocation and the use of arms.”
Thank you Mr. President