“Past” is a bridge for the “Future”

Mate, life is a journey like it or not you have to go through, under any circumstances. There are times when we pause and remember the past. Although many people say to forget the past and look after to the future, you still may be to remember your past. In this case is grateful for the past, not to be sad for a long. Actually, there are many lessons you can take from the past. The past is a measure of your wisdom. If in the past there were many things that make you hurt, accept it as an attempt to mature you, mature mind. There are many parts of the past can you accompanied a thank you. Feeling your past gloomy? It should not. Look at within a scope of the future, there is something that does not exist in the past. In the future, there are many pieces of the past my experience, the experience that I lived with guidance from God. I always tried to face the dark of the past, if I never see the dark, how could I be grateful for the light? When everything seems wrong , and no one wants to reach out. I always stick to one thing, the dream must stay in my hope. Lord, thank you … because now I’ve walked in achieving my dreams. Thank you for the light that you bring in my past, so I’m more grateful for the light that you are giving, I’m grateful for the past that you give, so I know You’re always beside me to guide my steps. Now, I give great hope in my future, something that I did not get in my past . Now, you can commemorate your past as a solid bridge to achieve what you dream of. Always be grateful to the past, because without it, you will not be on an achievement at this time.


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