My English is not perfect but improving

This experience made me thankful to God that “I could feel to continuing my education in Australia”. I am still remember when i arrived at Australia 20th June 2010, i was a quiet person. It caused of i cannot speak in English. I cannot speak clearly when talking to somebody. but when i learn and practice at Australian Catholic University, my speaking is improving even is not perfect. Also, i was difficult to catch the words when someone talking, i cannot understand what they are talking about. That is one of the reason why i cannot calling my friends who are speak in English, i scared to make a mistake while in conversation. However, while i am living in Sydney and always hear about all in English my listening was improved. Currently, I using my mobile to communicate to my friend from overseas and it is very useful to improving my listening and also last year when i finish first course, i got an opportunity to give some speech from the stage. Finally, my writing was very bad, especially in grammar. However, while i am study in Australian Catholic University then learning about writing in English, my English is improving so that i can make this note.
In this note i just want to say, i know that my English is not perfect but i am improving. Therefore, i would like to give thanks to my family members, teachers, friends, and people who are supporting me. May God bless you all.


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